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Tell A Friend

Select all (Ctrl 'A') the text script INSIDE of the text box directly below and copy it to your clipboard (Ctrl 'C')

Open a webpage that you want your tell a friend email box to appear on, in a program such as Wordpad or Notepad and paste the above text (Ctrl 'V') in between the HEAD Tags of the document.

The head of your webpage should now look like the code directly below. Edit the RED text only to reflect your information. In the email body fields. You must use \n to signify a line break. Do not delete this code. Do not make your message over 30 characters.


<!-- Begin

var initialsubj="Hey buddy, take a look at this"
var initialmsg="Hi:\n You may want to check out this site:\n "
var good;
function checkEmailAddress(field) {

var goodEmail =
if (goodEmail) {
good = true;
else {
alert('Please enter a valid address.');
good = false;
u = window.location;
function mailThisUrl() {
good = false
if (good) {

//window.location =
window.location =
// End -->


For the above code to work, you will need to add a form to the webpage where visitors can enter their friends email address:

Select all (Ctrl 'A') the text script INSIDE of this text box directly below and copy it to your clipboard (Ctrl 'C')

Paste the above form code in your webpage where you want the form to appear in between the <body> </body> tags of your HTML page..

After you have embedded the Head script into your page, and added the form within the <body tags you are ready to upload your pages!


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