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Frameless Popup

Select all (Ctrl 'A') the text script INSIDE of the text box directly below and copy it to your clipboard (Ctrl 'C')

Open a webpage that you want to use the frameless popup in a programsuch as Wordpad or Notepad and paste the above text (ctrl 'V') in between the HEAD Tags of the document.

The head of your webpage should now look like the code directly below. Edit the RED text only to reflect the web address and popup information you want to display:



var windowW=214 // wide
var windowH=398 // high

var windowX = (screen.width/2)-(windowW/2);
var windowY = (screen.height/2)-(windowH/2);

var urlPop = "yourpage.html"
var title = "This Is A Frameless Popup Window"

// set this to true if the popup should close
// upon leaving the launching page; else, false

var autoclose = true

s = "width="+windowW+",height="+windowH;
var beIE = document.all?true:false

function openFrameless(){
if (beIE){
NFW ="","popFrameless","fullscreen,"+s)
var frameString=""+
"<frameset rows='*,0' framespacing=0 border=0 frameborder=0>"+
"<frame name='top' src='"+urlPop+"' scrolling=auto>"+
"<frame name='bottom' src='about:blank' scrolling='no'>"+
} else {,"popFrameless","scrollbars,"+s)
if (autoclose){
window.onunload = function(){NFW.close()}



Now you must tell the webpage how you want the frameless popup to appear. You have two choices. A. using the <body tag and having the popup load as the web page loads:

<body onload="top.window.focus()">

Or by using a link that visitors can click on:

<a href="javascript:openFrameless()">click here</a>

After you have embedded the Head script into your page and you have added the body or link code correctly, you are ready to upload your pages!


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