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My Atari 800 System My growing network of websites are the ongoing results of more than 20 years of online experience. I started out in the early eighties with just a very simple Atari 400 system, Atari Basic, and a 300 baud modem.

It didn't take me very long to get hooked on writing software and I upgraded to the Atari 800 system shown on the right for a lot more power. With this brand new system I was able to setup my first online BBS (Bulletin Board System).

Although this turned out to be a lot of fun playing around with this as a hobby, it was still just a game system that included a keyboard and external disk drive. If I wanted to become a serious programmer, it was time for some changes.

Then along came a new friend who taught me how to start building my own new IBM compatible PC Clones. Below is a picture of that first system running my new BBS system.

My First 8088 PC System By 1985 I was building custom IBM compatible systems for some local businesses in the Dallas/Ft Worth, Texas area, and developing online programs for BBS's that were selling to my customers around the world.

I owned the "Limited Release Software Group" (LRSG), and my own BBS was called "The Micromart BBS". I developed several online multi-player games for all the popular BBS's, and eventually established a new interface code that was adopted by most of those online systems (called door.sys).

In 1989, this evolved into the "Piney Woods Development Company" (aka... The Piney Woods BBS) which offered services such as building new applications and networks for online businesses, while offering dBase compatible database applications for offline businesses that were built and compiled with Clipper.

My Current Systems By 1996 I knew the days of BBS's were going to be limited due to what we now know as the Internet. So I got adapted to that new environment by learning most of the latest new languages and database structures, which is why I'm still here today!

My current desktop pictured on the right is a little messy right now, but it does takes a lot more equipment these days to manage my own servers that host a large network of sites which can deliver everything you need to have a successful online business.

Regardless of what you need, I can provide it! This includes Domain Names, Hosting, Design and Development, Search Engine Optimization and Submissions, Images, Templates, Traffic Services, Custom Scripts, etc... along with many other free services too.

Ricky Greer Helping people just like you succeed by turning dreams into realities is our mission. Although we cannot publish our full listing of clients, we may provide upon request... links to public websites, or reference info from clients who have chosen to allow this.

Please contact us for more information about how you can use our experience to help your new online business succeed!

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Ricky Greer - CEO
Magical Websites
635 Columbine Ave
Cedar Park, Texas 78613

Partial Listing Of Other Sites I Own...

Partial Listing Of Our Current Or Past Corporate Client Sites...

Connect South Communications
Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA)
Verizon Enterprise Management Center
Strategic Forecasting
FedEx Kinko's

Partial Listing Of Our Past Client Sites ( services now being refused )...
Please note any sites listed below are no longer supported by us for obvious reasons. We will not support any type of sites that we feel, in our own opinion, have unethical practices involved.

I'm sure you will find that most of these sites no longer exist... but make your own choices when dealing with any of these people... and always do your own research before making any type of "investment".

If "anyone" was involved with any of these customers, please remember that we were only the programmers for their sites (under contract) and had "nothing" to do with "their" businesses. (consisted of over 65 portal sites)
U.S. Dream Team (not recommended)
Meet My Biz (not recommended)
World of Wealth (I think this one is for sale again?)

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